2009-2010 Season Photo Albums

2010 World Championships 2010 World Championships
March 22-28, Torino, Italy, Photos by Robin Ritoss
2010 World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2010 World Junior Figure Skating Championships
March 8-13, The Hague, The Netherlands, Photos by Robin Ritoss and Dee Eggert
2010 Olympic Winter Games 2010 Olympic Winter Games
February 12-28, Vancouver, Canada, Photos by Liz Chastney and Melanie Hoyt
2010 Four Continents Championships 2010 Four Continents Championships
January 26-30, Jeonju, South Korea, Photos by K. Yuda, courtesy of Europe on Ice
2010 European Championships 2010 European Championships
January 17-24, Tallinn, Estonia, Photos by Liz Chastney
2010 U.S. National Championships 2010 U.S. National Championships
January 14-24, Spokane, WA, Photos by Daphne Backman